About Kate Kuray

The creative biography of this girl began with cosplay photo shoots, now she can be called a universal actress of several genres. The works of Kate Kuray on the Internet are designed for a wide age range, from teenagers to adult sophisticated users. Real name: Ekaterina. The alias with which she is known on the Internet: Kate Kuray. Place of birth: Russian Federation, Sochi. Place of residence at the end of 2020: Russian Federation, Novosibirsk. Date of birth: August 9, 1998. Zodiac sign: Leo; according to the Eastern horoscope-Yellow Tiger (the element of the year earth); the planet that protects this sign – the Sun. Height and weight: 170 cm, 57 kg. Nationality: Russian. Occupation: cosplay and webcam model, actress of the genre “adult home video”. Marital status, children: single, no children. Family status Almost with absolute certainty, we can say that Kate Kuray is not married, and the girl has no children. On special resources with a limit of “18+” she has a mark – ” Open to communication, not in a couple»: that is, she does not even have a permanent young man. In the clips taken during her travels, the model is always: whether she wanders along the seashore, swims, visits the sights, eats in restaurants – strictly alone. On the topic of “personal life” , the artist of the cosplay and adult genres prefers not to talk to fans during streams.
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